Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stepson Of Usher Raymond, Removed from Life Support, and Has Now Died!!

Today WellsInk is sad to report that the stepson of Usher Raymond,11-year-old Kile Glover, has passed away, after being removed from life support, following a boating accident earlier this month.E! News,  confirmed that Kile was removed from life support Saturday @ 9:00am.
"This is a very difficult time right now for the family," Producer, Jody Gomes, and family friend stated to E! News, as a mother I am devestated for my friend.
Tameka Foster (mother of Kile) is holding up strong and putting her trust in the Lord in hopes  that he will see her through this most tragic period.
Neither Foster or Usher has issued any statement's at this time.
My heart is saddened by the lost of Kile Glover and he will surely be missed by all of his loved ones.
Our prayer's go out to the Foster family..
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