Thursday, July 19, 2012

Secret's, Scandal's, and Cover Up's!!

More on the devastating death of Slyvester Stallone son Sage. Newly Released report's by the Los Angeles police department and the L.A. coroner.

Authorities are now stating that they do not believe that Sage was a addict because " he was chubby" and addicts tend to lean more on the frail side. That statement alone seems to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a very long time.. although there is some truth in that statement, as  a professional in the medical field, I have seen addicts come in all shapes, gender's, and races, so we can not eliminate whether he did or did not utilize drugs based solely on that theory.

Sources state that Law enforcement did not find any pills lying around Sage home, but did in fact find 60 huge container's of Hydrocodone," a narcotic used to relieve pain,"each of these bottles typically contain 500 pill's in each bottle. It is believed that at some point Sage would have had at lease 30,000 pills in his possession, however none were found during the officials investigation.

Some sources are stating that the pills may have been shipped from overseas from another country, and future investigation will determine just exactly what the little baggies containing the white substance actually were as well as where the pills originated from.

For me, it all seems a little too convenient , that people in Hollywood keep dying of the same thing. My common sense tells me, yes, there are drugs in every class of society.. and yes, sometimes people do die from overdoses.. but sheesh.. everyone in Hollywood can't be addicts!

What's really going on behind those red curtain's?, What secrets Is Hollywood and everyone else hiding from the public?, but most importantly.. what?..or who will be the next death or scandal we read about? It has all become a little too fishy for me and I for one want answer's! how about you??
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