Saturday, July 14, 2012

Marcus Mitchell, Continuing the dream that Yanira and he had to help the world one life at a time by helping to fight Gastric Carcinoma!

Who is Marcus Mitchell? Marcus is a single father, a loving man, and a fighter for what  he believes in , which is his organization, The Stomach Cancer Relief Network , he and his wife implemented after she was diagnosed with Gastric Carcinoma back in 2008.. Three month's after giving birth to their son Noah. Yarina, was sadly given the news that she was already in the 4th stage of Gastric Carcinoma, a.k.a. "Adenocarcinoma of the stomach" and was advised by her Physician, that she only had 6 months to live.
After suffering such a devastating blow, the Mitchell's needed to help other's that may have been suffering from this disabling disease.. hence, The Stomach Cancer Relief Network was brought to life.
Although Yanira in fact had Chief Complaint's about the symptoms that she had been experiencing, they were all attributed to signs of a typical pregnancy that many women go through. There was the darkening of the stool and other complaint's that certainly mimicked of one being pregnant , which explained the reasoning of the Mitchell family not getting a diagnosis early on.
Stomach Cancer, also known by other names, such as Gastric Carcinoma and as stated previously, Adenocarcinoma, is a Malignant tumor.It is caused by the rising of the lining of the stomach, and the prognosis is ultimately, Death.

There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of death's that are related to Gastric Cancer in the United States.It is estimated that in 2012 there will be a total of 21,320 cases of Gastric Cancer and a whooping 15,070 deaths due to this vicious disease! Yanira pronounced "Juanita" began complaining of complications back in 2006, this is a fast reacting yet deadly disease. Some of the symptoms will include: abdominal pain, or a feeling of being full after only eating small portion's of food, dark or black stool, difficulty swallowing that will increase over time and excessive belching.
 Diagnosis is often delayed due to symptoms not being able to manifest themselves in the early stages. The only treatment is to remove the total contents of the stomach and in some cases radiation and chemotherapy after surgery may increase the chances of a cure.

"I wish that I would have search engined this disease when she first began to complain, maybe I could have saved her life if I had only known," stated Marcus, Noah was only a liitle over a year when his mother passed on, which left him withdrawn and the feeling of being abandoned, however with the love of his grandmother and loving father, he has managed to pull through and has learned to trust again. Marcus want's to make sure his message hit's home for the people, especially pregnant women, know your body, child bearing is no easy task and that there are risk that a woman is taking in doing so and there are disease's out there that will prey on our loved ones. At the end of the day you know your body better then any Practicing Physcian. A physcian can not tell you how you are feeling health wise only you know that. Take all the necessary precautions to protect your health .. If you dont, Who will?
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