Friday, July 13, 2012

Joe Paterno Shame On You!!

Looks as though someone over at TMZ  should have been digging up the "Dirt" that has been piling up in their own back yard being that the late Paterno has been implicated in the Sandusky molestation Scandal

Excuse me, if you will, but I'm going to have to change my format of writing on this article because I Feel that this matter is in need of some immediate reprimanding! First thing's first .. It has been reported by that there were two janitors that witnessed Paterno perform lewd acts with a young boy, back in 2000.Both janitors claim that they were afraid that if they reported what they had witnessed, they would have been terminated from their janitorial duties because of the power and influence Paterno held?? Wtf!! are you kidding me!? you idiot's, this is what I have to say in regards to that lame ass excuse: would you have turned the other cheek had it had been your son, nephew,or brother?! would you have cared so little then? Shame on the both of you janitor "A" and "B!" just like a coward, always hiding behind steel doors, and anonymous names.

Kenneth Frazier Board Member at Penn State stated to ABC News that former President, Graham Spainer story was a little foggy from the begininng , former head Football Coach Joe Paterno, former Athletic Director, Tim Curley as well as former Vice President for Finance, Cary Schultz were all issued indictment's for , handling the Sandusky scandal inappropriately..
In total there were 45 counts of sexual molestation on 10 young boy's.
Because of the nature of this Sick and very Unfortunate scandal "Nike" has cut the ribbon and removed Paterno name from the "Childcare building" on the corporation's building.

All this is very sad, just what kind of world have we embarked on? If you ask me Paterno took the easy way out, he should be here to face his punishment right along with Sandusky, death just isn't good enough.. but hey, let's all be thankful that he is getting ripped a new asshole in death!! (no pun intended)
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