Sunday, July 22, 2012

Katherine, Mother Of Micheal Jackson, Has Gone Missing!!

Katherine Jackson Jackson,Mother Of  Micheal Jackson,Has Gone Missing!!!?

The children of Micheal Jackson, has reported that they have not seen their grandmother since July, 15,2012 and that the last time that they seen her, she was in good "health mentally and physically." Although the family would like for you to believe that she is on "bed rest" per her physician, in Arizona with family member's.

However, the information that is being received from police officials and Katherine's grandchildren are very, very conflicting, upon obtaining information from TMZ sources, it has been reported that Katherine, had never gone more then 24 hours without speaking to the children.

Jermaine, Tweeted that his mother was in fact in Arizona with family member's, however, according to sources, a nephew of Katherine's reported her missing with the L.A. County Department after Micheal Jackson's children was unable to reach her for a week!

Paris Jackson, tweeted early this morning,
"yes, my grandmother is missing, I have not seen her for a week, and I want her home now!," Paris, went on to say that "the same man that testified on behalf of Dr. Murray, saying that my father was a addict "a lie" is caring for my grandmother..I'm just sayin."
TMZ previously reported that the Jackson's were all feuding over Micheal's estate. A letter leaked on the Internet, written by the Jackson's states, that John Branca and John McClain took advantage of the family...

Okay, if you know anything about me, you know I have something way out, but a true and fair statement to say...  Get the hell out of here! I never once believed in my right mind that Micheal was a drug addict, he may have been a little odd, to say the lease.. but never a drug addict. His death was UN-timely, and out of thin air..It is my opinion that he was murdered and it was covered up along with several other actor's and actresses that I will not mention here at this time.

I guess as long as we keep our eye's closed to what's really going on in the world, people will always assume that drug's is the Murderer running about Hollywood! So what now? are we going to find Katherine dead from a drug overdose? or will her death be a "heart attack"? yea right! " keep the masses pre-occupied with entertainment and so fourth, to keep the focus off of political matter's in government!" People are you all wondering what's going on in the music and movie industry? have you ever wondered why do all these great, influential people keep dying? Charlie Sheen does more dope then a drug dealer that gets high off of his own supply.. why is he not dead from a overdose? I'm not saying he should be dead or one foot in the grave, all I'm saying is, it's very odd. I would love to see what the reader's think.

I'm sending out prayer's that Katherine makes it back to her grandchildren in a hurry, and that we will not be reading of her death in the next breaking news story!

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