Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Justin Bieber, Gearing to take off for the Moon?

Is Justin Bieber gearing up to take off for the Moon? well if you say no, you may just want to read this: Take a good look at the car that Justin was pulled over in for speeding down Freeway 101 in just as early as last week. TMZ has now obtained 911 reports stating that when Justin phoned 911 he appeared to be incredulous and a description of the car was given, "Aluminum car, Chrome Audi, Stainless Steel, Ferrari and get this... a Spaceship!!"
Maybe I shouldn't touch this topic, however since we're already here, why not.. Is anyone concerned regarding all the talk of the world coming to it's demise as soon as Christmas this year? What about the talk of our very own Government being the cause of this rapid destruction that is suppose to transpire?
How about our so-called-officials trying to take equal rights's away from women as we know it!
I don't know about you, but I personally feel that there is some truth in all the talk that's floating about. I mean the proof is in the pudding! look at the world around you through clear vision. Take your rose-filled-glasses off and you will begin to see things clearly.
Why is it that all these big cities in all of the big states that have gone bankrupt, let's even take it one step further. What do you think of being called "The Year Of The Zombie?" we all heard of the man who was caught on the side of the road eating another man's face and when asked to stop by the officer at the scene he then turned to look at the officer and growled at him , then proceeded to continue to devour the man's face.
Leaving the officer no other choice but to open fire and kill the Wacko! was he crazy? or was there something sinister that was in play?
reportedly there was talk that Bath Salt's may have been the reasoning behind his horrific act, however, it was later ruled that there were no hard drugs in his system that would have caused any human to mutalize another human in such a manner!
If this Is the "New World" that we as American human beings have to look forward to, then Justin.. Beam me up with you.
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