Wednesday, July 11, 2012

                How did Katie Holmes And Nicole Kidman put Tom on Cruise control?

In the news today, we learn that Katie and Nicole have been carrying on a budding friendship since 2006.
Holmes reportedly had been plotting on creeping out on Tom for some time now, and kept Nicole in on the plan the whole way,  a close source to Holmes and Kidman reported to US Weekly.
Nicole has been sympathetic towards Katie throughout the whole ordeal, stating to Katie that she in fact had once been in her same shoes and to hang in there.

What's so alarming about this whole situation is that: this is Tom's third marriage and none of these marriages seem to last. It makes me wonder.. What's going on in your home behind close doors Tom where Katie is in fear for Suri? I mean seriously, Katie had to use a disposable phone provided by a friend to plot her get away call as to keep Tom and his team from being tipped off, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Is Scientology the reason why all the women in Tom's life keep taking off with Rocket shuttle's from their ass!? I don't know, I'm just reporting the fact's, please don't shoot the messenger. It will be interesting to see just what may be leaked next! In Katie's case, I guess my mother was right, " all that glitters, just may not be gold."

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