Friday, July 20, 2012

A Journalist Report's Her Last word's, In Her Last moment's of Life in The Century Theatre Massacre's!

She was a journalist on her way to the top, known for her sport's blog's Jessica Ghawi was sadly one of several who passed away in the Century Theatre Massacare, in Aurora, Colorado. however, what make's this story so ironic,is that Jessica had recently been in another un-timely event where  she nearly escaped being in this same type of shooting. Where a  man opened fire in in a Toronto Mall back in June, leaving one dead.
" Jessica, was very easy to fall in love with..," Sandy Phillips, said
( mother of Jessica) while giving a interview with 20/20. Jessica was 24-year's-old at the time of her death. She was on her way to the top and was feeling great about the accomplisment's that she had been achieving. This is all very sad..

New Report's just in, the 6-year-old little girl that had been taken to the hospital has died as well..

My prayer's go out to all of the families that have been affected by, some ass-hole of a jerk who wanted to be a character out of a comic book!! Geesh, it's not real! it was designed to entertain you!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, just because your hair is flaming red, does not mean that you are the Joker! What you are, is a sick individual who obviously need's to seek out professional mental help.. as you will I'm sure, with the place that you are headed!
Tell me America, is this what we have to look forward to as future fellow Americana's? Have we now become, that society who turns the other cheek? I mean Ray Charles can see that if damnation were to begin at 12:00pm then it's 11:55pm and we are rapidly on our way to a different way of Society!

Lord help us all, because we are under attack, and have been for many year's.. these things were written, generations and generations ago!
I'd like to do something different, and ask the Public, what do you think about all the Mayhem, Murder, and destruction that is going on around us?.. will you be one of the ones who will be wearing "rose filled glasses?" or will you be one of the one's..who sees with clear vision, and listen's with open  ears? I mean aren't you afraid..? because, I will assure you.. that I.. am.
Leave me some feedback and let me know just what you think, I'm open for discussion.

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