Friday, July 20, 2012

12 Dead 50 Wounded In The City of Aurora, Colorada!!



 Breaking News Out Of Aurora, Colorado!

Early Friday morning at Century Movie Theater's in Aurora, Colorado. 12, were killed and at lease 50 wounded. Reportedly, a man wearing a bullet proof vest and a gas mask, began shooting during a midnight showing of the latest Batman, reported the authorities as well as by-standers.
A three month old infant and six year-year -old child, were rushed to emergency care and treated for their injuries that they had sustained during this massive shooting.

Authorities report, the gunman stood in front of the theater during the show, and released a container of tear gas
"It was mass chaos," witness Jennifer Seeger, told Today. The suspect was apprehended in the parking lot, at that time 24-year-old James Holmes, was taken into custody, two diffrent FBI agencies told NBC News.

In a world headed for complete chaos, we are sure to see more madness and mayhem on the horizon!! Let's wish all those that were injured in this breaking story a fast and speedy recovery and our prayer's go out to the families that have lost their loved ones..
More on this breaking story as report's come in-

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