Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wide Reciever, Orenthal James Murdock, Blows His Brains Out In Tragic Suicide!

Today, I am sad to report that Wide Receiver, Orenthal James Murdock of the Titans, committed suicide, Orenthal was 25, at the time of his death. It is not clear what prompt the Wide Receiver to result in such a deadly conclusion. Murdock was found wounded by authorities early Monday morning in front of Middleton High School,in Tampa, Fl, where he had graduated.
He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition sometime around 8:00am, however was pronounced dead by hospital officials at 10:30 that same morning.
Murdock had been placed on the injured reserved list back in 2011 for a injury he had sustained during training camp. It has been reported that Murdock had in fact called in to team officials and advised them, that he would not be in attendance for the beginning part of training due to personal issues, however, no one was prepared for the news that would soon follow Friday's call.
My heart is saddened by all the death that has been plaguing the industry, I wish that he could have talked to someone, anyone before taking his own life! My thoughts and prayer's go up and out to his family.

Monday, July 30, 2012

They Gone Love Me For Who I Am!

I'm going to have to apologize in advance to those of you that read my blogs... There's a deeper, if you will, darker side to my writing ( a method to my madness).. it's kinda like spoken word.. So please excuse the profanity..

They gone love me fa who the phuck I am , and admire me fa the shid I do.. they gone appreciate me fa my intellegence, and by "they" I mean you..
I told you, that I had a passion and this passion run's deep, if it's  mental nourishment that you are in search of, then Keshia Wells, is who you should seek!
This reality livin..' is the only truth that I speak!

They gone love me fa who the phuck I am, and admire me fa the shid I do, They gone appreciate me fa my intellegence, and by "they"I mean you..
My ambition is raw..and my talent is hot. sponor, Keshia Wells? the question is.. why not?I go hard in the paint, you know like Kobe do? runnin circles..in a ring..like..all around you!

They gone love me fa who the phuck I am, and admire me fa the shid that I do, they gone appreciate me fa my intellegence, and by "they" I mean you.. They gone feel me fa the word's that I spit, because everything alway's.. so  real and legit! They gone know who I am by first and last name.. I swear to you.. I ain't playin' no games!

Like I said, they gone love me fa who I am, and respect everything that I do.. My name Is Keshia Wells, now tell me who are you..

Bruce Jenner, "Has Someone Been Entering in His Back Door!!"

Okay, since there was nothing news worthy going on, that I haven't already written about, or should I say nothing that will interest the public.. and, since we are in the Olympic moment, I have decided to take this opportunity to address, Bruce Jenner, In 1972, Jenner placed third in the Olympic trials and tenth at the Munich games. Four years later, he won a gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. Jenner has appeared as himself on numerous game shows and reality programs in recent years, most notably with his wife, Kris, stepchildren Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Robert, and children Kendall and Kylie in the E! reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
 Now, with that being said, I want to touch on a few topics that I myself have been quite curious about. I absolutely love Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, however, I find it quite difficult to look at Bruce Jenner, I have often been confused about his sexuality, I mean not that it matter's either way.. but, at times I'm asking myself...Hmmmm?? " I wonder if Bruce is a cross dresser?" why would I ask myself such a thing, you ask.. Because frankly, he talks like a man, however, he looks like a woman, I mean come on, don't act like you guy's haven't asked yourself or other's that same question... not to mention the troubles in"so called Paradise" that he and Kris have created for themselves.It's been aired in recent episodes that the two have been having slight marital problem's.  Could it be that, there could be some same gender lovin' goin' on in the backyard of Bruce's house," If you get what I mean..wink, winks" I'm just sayin.. thing's that make you go hmmm... right?

Moving right along..I'd also like to take this time to touch on Kim and Kayne West! Kim, as pretty and as old as you are, you would think that you would be able to make better judgement call's when it comes to men, Let me ask you, "just how long, do you think that your relationship with Mr. Ego will last?" being that your marriage to Khris Humphries only lasted all but of 70 something day's. I mean have you not learned your lesson? I mean for Pete 's sake, ya let Ray J, degrade and humiliate you on tape, for the American people to see, do you actually think any man is going to respect you for the woman that you should be carrying yourself as..or is it possible that your.. just a piece of ass, for these men to use and abuse? Word of advice Kim, beauty fades, and after you have gone through all of Hollywood, what will you have left?? Money? sadly to say, the old saying is true.."Money does not buy happiness" and at the end of the day, you must love yourself enough to know, that you don't need a man to validate your worth, because you have already given yourself validation..


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Michael Jackson Son, Prince,Threatens To Out All Secret's!!

Although Katherine has made it home safe, Prince is ready to take his family member's off the throne that they sit so high on, mainly Janet Jackson. On July 23rd, Prince tweeted " This is enough, so I am texting you for the simple fact that "WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMOTHER NOW!!" Janet Jackson responded by saying " Don't let them Pls.." and then the text cuts off.. it appears that Prince did not post the remaining contents of Janet's text, however, he continued to say " Although I am happy my grandmother was returned, and after speaking with her I have realized just how mis-guided, and how badly she had been lied to, I'm really angry and hurt. He goes on to say, " For this whole time, they denied us contact with our grandmother, If you continue with your lies, I will continue with the truth, as long as I can remember, my dad has warned me of certain people and thier way's"

Now that's deep, and it all goes to what I have been saying for some time,there is so much being held from the public, and the people are being told what other's think we want to hear. I want to know what all the hush, hush is about! It's not that I need understanding, because what's understood, need's no explaination! However, at some point the truth, must and will come out! what's dull in the dark, will absolutely shine in the light, the question is.... Will that light blind you?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adam Barsness, Son Of J.Gambino, A Pilliar Of Inspiration!!

This is a story, about a young man by the name of Adam Barsness, who is doing a remarkable job at playing the cards that he has been dealt, in living with the crippling disability of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Adam, son of Little J, Gambino and Yvette, has surely made huge leaps and bounds, after being diagnosed with DMD.

 DMD occurs because the mutated gene fails to produce virtually any functional dystrophin. (Individuals with Becker MD genetic mutations make dystrophin that is partially functional, which protects their muscles from degenerating as badly or as quickly as in DMD.

Each son born to a woman with a dystrophin mutation on one of her two X chromosomes has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the flawed gene and having DMD. Each of her daughters has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the mutation and being a carrier. Carriers may not have any disease symptoms but can have a child with the mutation or the disease. DMD carriers are at risk for cardiomyopathy.
Although DMD often runs in a family, it's possible for a family with no history of DMD to suddenly have a son with the disease.

Adam, was diagnosed with having DMD at the young age of 7-year's- old, and was advised by his Physician that he would not live past 18 or he would be deathly ill by his early 20's. Adam, was also advised that he would experience severe heart and lung problems,Adam has stated that he has not had a issue with either and actually has recently celebrated his 22nd birthday!

With all that this courageous young man has under-gone, he has not given up hope, nor has his ambition been diminished by any means. He has proven to Doctor's and Physical Therapist that he can and will overcome all odds, he is not letting this disease get the best of him at all!

But in fact, is giving this crippling disease a run for it's money! Adam has written a book called "Mahayana, Spiritual Array" and is looking to have his book on shelves in the near future.. When asked where he wanted to be in the next four year's, Adam had this to say,"I try to just let life happen,"
Currently, Adam is enrolled at UNLV and studying, Bio-Chemistry, where he utilizes public transportation to get to and from school, if that isn't a sure sign of a fighter, I don't know what is..
Keep up the great work Adam, your an inspiration to all of those suffering from any debilitaing disease!!


Sherman Hemsley , Dies at 74!

Today E!Online sadly report's that Sherman Hemsley aka "George Jefferson" has passed way at the age of 74. Sherman passed away at his home in El Paso, Texas, reported by the local Authorities in El Paso.
His cause of death is yet unknown. Hemsley, never married and had no children at his time of death. Although "Georg has moved on up to the  Big sky.." he will be missed.. Rest in Peace Sherman

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woman of essence, what do you see, when you stand in the mirrow and look back at me?
Woman of value: do you know your worth, to see you sell your body for monetary gain, man, that really hurt's..
Woman of integrity: Hold your head up high, walk with your nose pointed toward's the sky.. forget what you heard, sometimes it's okay to cry..

To the woman that lacks high self esteem, don't set aside your moral's to please him: do you know what I mean?
To that woman who is being battered and abused, do you want to be his latest murder victim airing on ABC News?

To the woman, that is raising kid's on her own, my hat's off too you, for hanging in there and doing the right thing, because his two right's never made you wrong!

To the little girl who had a child, running these street's, like girl's gone wild! the one who leave's her baby, all day at home, when questioned about it, she yell's "just leave me alone!" I got news for you..little miss thang, no one asked you to bring this child in the world, just to cause them pain, having a child isn't a game, maybe next you'll listen to what your mother is saying..

A word to my sister's, whether your, black , brown, asian, or white.. we are in this together, so why must we fight? Let's stand tall, hand in hand.. let's not our issues with one another, be over a two timing man..

The true essence of a woman is defined, by her character, her motivation,  her ambition, and  last but not lease, her Integrity! Be the very best that you can be, and alway's stay true to yourself, and I can assure you, that you will alway's leave any situation with the up-most respect from those around you!!
Food for Thought:



Katherine, Mother Of Micheal Jackson, Has Gone Missing!!

Katherine Jackson Jackson,Mother Of  Micheal Jackson,Has Gone Missing!!!?

The children of Micheal Jackson, has reported that they have not seen their grandmother since July, 15,2012 and that the last time that they seen her, she was in good "health mentally and physically." Although the family would like for you to believe that she is on "bed rest" per her physician, in Arizona with family member's.

However, the information that is being received from police officials and Katherine's grandchildren are very, very conflicting, upon obtaining information from TMZ sources, it has been reported that Katherine, had never gone more then 24 hours without speaking to the children.

Jermaine, Tweeted that his mother was in fact in Arizona with family member's, however, according to sources, a nephew of Katherine's reported her missing with the L.A. County Department after Micheal Jackson's children was unable to reach her for a week!

Paris Jackson, tweeted early this morning,
"yes, my grandmother is missing, I have not seen her for a week, and I want her home now!," Paris, went on to say that "the same man that testified on behalf of Dr. Murray, saying that my father was a addict "a lie" is caring for my grandmother..I'm just sayin."
TMZ previously reported that the Jackson's were all feuding over Micheal's estate. A letter leaked on the Internet, written by the Jackson's states, that John Branca and John McClain took advantage of the family...

Okay, if you know anything about me, you know I have something way out, but a true and fair statement to say...  Get the hell out of here! I never once believed in my right mind that Micheal was a drug addict, he may have been a little odd, to say the lease.. but never a drug addict. His death was UN-timely, and out of thin air..It is my opinion that he was murdered and it was covered up along with several other actor's and actresses that I will not mention here at this time.

I guess as long as we keep our eye's closed to what's really going on in the world, people will always assume that drug's is the Murderer running about Hollywood! So what now? are we going to find Katherine dead from a drug overdose? or will her death be a "heart attack"? yea right! " keep the masses pre-occupied with entertainment and so fourth, to keep the focus off of political matter's in government!" People are you all wondering what's going on in the music and movie industry? have you ever wondered why do all these great, influential people keep dying? Charlie Sheen does more dope then a drug dealer that gets high off of his own supply.. why is he not dead from a overdose? I'm not saying he should be dead or one foot in the grave, all I'm saying is, it's very odd. I would love to see what the reader's think.

I'm sending out prayer's that Katherine makes it back to her grandchildren in a hurry, and that we will not be reading of her death in the next breaking news story!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stepson Of Usher Raymond, Removed from Life Support, and Has Now Died!!

Today WellsInk is sad to report that the stepson of Usher Raymond,11-year-old Kile Glover, has passed away, after being removed from life support, following a boating accident earlier this month.E! News,  confirmed that Kile was removed from life support Saturday @ 9:00am.
"This is a very difficult time right now for the family," Producer, Jody Gomes, and family friend stated to E! News, as a mother I am devestated for my friend.
Tameka Foster (mother of Kile) is holding up strong and putting her trust in the Lord in hopes  that he will see her through this most tragic period.
Neither Foster or Usher has issued any statement's at this time.
My heart is saddened by the lost of Kile Glover and he will surely be missed by all of his loved ones.
Our prayer's go out to the Foster family..

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Journalist Report's Her Last word's, In Her Last moment's of Life in The Century Theatre Massacre's!

She was a journalist on her way to the top, known for her sport's blog's Jessica Ghawi was sadly one of several who passed away in the Century Theatre Massacare, in Aurora, Colorado. however, what make's this story so ironic,is that Jessica had recently been in another un-timely event where  she nearly escaped being in this same type of shooting. Where a  man opened fire in in a Toronto Mall back in June, leaving one dead.
" Jessica, was very easy to fall in love with..," Sandy Phillips, said
( mother of Jessica) while giving a interview with 20/20. Jessica was 24-year's-old at the time of her death. She was on her way to the top and was feeling great about the accomplisment's that she had been achieving. This is all very sad..

New Report's just in, the 6-year-old little girl that had been taken to the hospital has died as well..

My prayer's go out to all of the families that have been affected by, some ass-hole of a jerk who wanted to be a character out of a comic book!! Geesh, it's not real! it was designed to entertain you!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, just because your hair is flaming red, does not mean that you are the Joker! What you are, is a sick individual who obviously need's to seek out professional mental help.. as you will I'm sure, with the place that you are headed!
Tell me America, is this what we have to look forward to as future fellow Americana's? Have we now become, that society who turns the other cheek? I mean Ray Charles can see that if damnation were to begin at 12:00pm then it's 11:55pm and we are rapidly on our way to a different way of Society!

Lord help us all, because we are under attack, and have been for many year's.. these things were written, generations and generations ago!
I'd like to do something different, and ask the Public, what do you think about all the Mayhem, Murder, and destruction that is going on around us?.. will you be one of the ones who will be wearing "rose filled glasses?" or will you be one of the one's..who sees with clear vision, and listen's with open  ears? I mean aren't you afraid..? because, I will assure you.. that I.. am.
Leave me some feedback and let me know just what you think, I'm open for discussion.


12 Dead 50 Wounded In The City of Aurora, Colorada!!



 Breaking News Out Of Aurora, Colorado!

Early Friday morning at Century Movie Theater's in Aurora, Colorado. 12, were killed and at lease 50 wounded. Reportedly, a man wearing a bullet proof vest and a gas mask, began shooting during a midnight showing of the latest Batman, reported the authorities as well as by-standers.
A three month old infant and six year-year -old child, were rushed to emergency care and treated for their injuries that they had sustained during this massive shooting.

Authorities report, the gunman stood in front of the theater during the show, and released a container of tear gas
"It was mass chaos," witness Jennifer Seeger, told Today. The suspect was apprehended in the parking lot, at that time 24-year-old James Holmes, was taken into custody, two diffrent FBI agencies told NBC News.

In a world headed for complete chaos, we are sure to see more madness and mayhem on the horizon!! Let's wish all those that were injured in this breaking story a fast and speedy recovery and our prayer's go out to the families that have lost their loved ones..
More on this breaking story as report's come in-


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran, Call It Quit's..

           Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran,Call It Quits!!

Apparently Drake can't keep his hand's off of other people's property according to MediaTakeOut.com. Chris has  had his suspicions about Karrueche Tran secrectly talking to "Drake" behind his back. Let's not forget the Bar "fight" that the duo had over the sultry R&B Singer Rhianna a little over a month ago.
Chris and Rhianna have been seen doing some serious flirting with one another and seeing that Brown and Karreuche has called it quits.. will there be a re-kindling of a romance? Or will we actually see a round two between Chris and Drake? If so, I hope that they will be throwing fist instead of bottles!!

No Regret's!

I guess I thought time would wait for me, but that thought is a distance memory, wasn't even a reality.. I guess I thought that there would be a time to say..,like,..make up for all the bad that happened in yesterday''s
I wish that I could of had the chance to whisper in your ear..that one last time, not one day passes without you on my mind..
I wish I could have said to my brother that he was essentially my everything.. wish I could have shown my sister, just how much she really means..

I would have told my grandmother that she was the very best, alway's putting her grandkid's above all the rest.. I would of told that aunt that we shared a life with for so many year's, " I'm sorry for what happened to my cousin, I'm sorry for your pain and tear's.. I'm sorry for the pain I brought on you for some of the nasty thing's that I said, but please understand she was our mother.. and her death played with my head..

I would have told that unkle who's first name start's with a "D" thank you for being there for my mother, a true brother you are indeed, I wish I could have gotten the chance to tell you excactly what I mean..

To my unkle "L"  who took me to all his games, you were my favorite unkle, you.. and your intellegent saying's. I'd like to take the time to say, that I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart, that we were not able to create a new start..but know one thing that is for sure, I love you with all my heart..

So many wishes, so many dreams, too many thing's just not the same..
live life to the fullest, the best way you can, play the card's that are you dealt, even if it's not your best hand.. we are all here for a reason, in the most high we must stand...


Secret's, Scandal's, and Cover Up's!!

More on the devastating death of Slyvester Stallone son Sage. Newly Released report's by the Los Angeles police department and the L.A. coroner.

Authorities are now stating that they do not believe that Sage was a addict because " he was chubby" and addicts tend to lean more on the frail side. That statement alone seems to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a very long time.. although there is some truth in that statement, as  a professional in the medical field, I have seen addicts come in all shapes, gender's, and races, so we can not eliminate whether he did or did not utilize drugs based solely on that theory.

Sources state that Law enforcement did not find any pills lying around Sage home, but did in fact find 60 huge container's of Hydrocodone," a narcotic used to relieve pain,"each of these bottles typically contain 500 pill's in each bottle. It is believed that at some point Sage would have had at lease 30,000 pills in his possession, however none were found during the officials investigation.

Some sources are stating that the pills may have been shipped from overseas from another country, and future investigation will determine just exactly what the little baggies containing the white substance actually were as well as where the pills originated from.

For me, it all seems a little too convenient , that people in Hollywood keep dying of the same thing. My common sense tells me, yes, there are drugs in every class of society.. and yes, sometimes people do die from overdoses.. but sheesh.. everyone in Hollywood can't be addicts!

What's really going on behind those red curtain's?, What secrets Is Hollywood and everyone else hiding from the public?, but most importantly.. what?..or who will be the next death or scandal we read about? It has all become a little too fishy for me and I for one want answer's! how about you??


This Monster That Only I can See..

My heart is tickin'.. like fast, not slow pace, it's like, I gotta push my way to the top, at like full pace. This isn't fear that you see on my face.. my life Is a contest and I'm gone win this race! Been held down, beat up, punished and bruised.. done with that part of my life.. of feeling used and abused.. this is not a story, but I'm here to report the News..

I have little friend's, humph.. those are Far's and few's.. before I leave this earth..I got's to pay my dues!! There has been some people, that I know I'll never forget, some that were true to me and those memories.. I have no regrets!

There have been those, I swear who meant me harm, alot of thing's that have been said and done, is sure to cause you alarm! I've been dragged and beat, thrown to the wolves to eat, left weak, couldn't speak.. and then told by other's to turn the other cheek! My life certainly was no walk in the park.. For many of year's I lived in fear of the dark.. scared to face reality, because my reality was not fair, my reality was as if I had been living in some god awful nightmare!

From which I never wanted to wake, almost as if I was in a dream state! I had to create a reality that was far greater then mine could ever be, knowing that I could never disappoint me! Feeling angry, like.. all alone.. reminiscing on the times I spent at home.. wanting someone to ease the pain.. the scars so deep, wanting, anyone..someone..to ease the pain..

No one ever did hear those cries.., not one soul knows the pain I see beneath the soul of my eye's,.. still, time has continued to pass me by.. maybe I'll never get to tell how it really was for me.. but that's okay.. I'll keep those wounds locked deep inside of me.. no one will ever know..who..or what.. created this beast, this monster that I swear that only I can see..this monster society has created for me..When will I be free?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Halle Berry Rushed To The Hospital Via Ambulance!

Tuesday night Halle Berry was rushed to Cedar Sinai Medical Center via ambulance, reported X17 Online. The Vivacious actress hit her head on the concrete, while on a day off from filming " The Hive." TMZ report's.
Apparently this is not the first go-round with being injured on  the set, back in September, 2011 while filming " Cloud Atlas" in Spain, she reportedly broke her foot.
Halle's, rep has informed TMZ that the actress " sustained  minimal head injuries.. and was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures, however has checked out on a very healthy note.
That could have turned into a very nasty accident, and we are all glad that you are okay Halle.


Zimmerman Accused Of Sexual Assault!

A anonymous woman states that George Zimmerman molested her for a period of ten year's, she claims that she was six-year's of age when the abuse begin, she also revealed that Zimmerman's family"Is Racist." According to new evidence provided by Prosecutors, In a 27-minute interview released by special prosecutor Angela Corey, the woman claims to be related to Zimmerman, revealing tha they are in fact , cousins, and that he began the sexual assault's when he was 8, year's old.
the woman stated that she recalls Zimmerman family member's stating" that If a black person didn't act white, then they didn't like them."
Although the anonymous woman's allegations are very serious, they will not be used against him in the Trevon Martin, case due to her testimony being unrelated to this particular case.
It's actually shocking to see Zimmermen out on bail, we are all hoping that justice is served in this case in a timely constructive manner.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Slyvester Stallone, Son Found Dead at the age of 36

Today OMG Yahoo! sadly report's that Sylvester Stallone son, Sage Stallone was found unresponsive in his L.A. home Friday afternoon by an employee and a family member. Sylvester is reportedly devastated by the tragic lost of his son, as it stands now, foul play has been ruled out stated Assistant Chief Coroner, Ed Winter.
However, OMG Yahoo! sources state there were prescription bottles found in his home,but the content and quantity has not been determined at this time.
It seems as though every Everyone who turns up dead in Hollywood has been because of some type of drug overdose. I'm sorry to say Hollywood, but that " cause of death" is getting very old and the people are beginning to wonder what's really going on behind closed door's in Hollywood.
Let's re-cap, if you will, all of the entertainers whom have died of an "overdose" and bow our head's in a moment of silence for the lives that have been lost.
Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, Anna Nicole Smith, Anna's son, Heath Ledger,Michael Jackson, and the beautiful Whitney Houston, and all the other's I didn't name!
I don't believe for one second that all these great entertainer's all died of a drug  overdose, What? is everyone in Hollywood on drug's? I just find that to be a hard pill to swallow!

It's going to be very interesting to see what the toxicology report let's out of the bag.In the meantime our prayer's go out to the Stallone family in their trying times.

The Way Of The World We Live In..



Marcus Mitchell, Continuing the dream that Yanira and he had to help the world one life at a time by helping to fight Gastric Carcinoma!

Who is Marcus Mitchell? Marcus is a single father, a loving man, and a fighter for what  he believes in , which is his organization, The Stomach Cancer Relief Network , he and his wife implemented after she was diagnosed with Gastric Carcinoma back in 2008.. Three month's after giving birth to their son Noah. Yarina, was sadly given the news that she was already in the 4th stage of Gastric Carcinoma, a.k.a. "Adenocarcinoma of the stomach" and was advised by her Physician, that she only had 6 months to live.
After suffering such a devastating blow, the Mitchell's needed to help other's that may have been suffering from this disabling disease.. hence, The Stomach Cancer Relief Network was brought to life.
Although Yanira in fact had Chief Complaint's about the symptoms that she had been experiencing, they were all attributed to signs of a typical pregnancy that many women go through. There was the darkening of the stool and other complaint's that certainly mimicked of one being pregnant , which explained the reasoning of the Mitchell family not getting a diagnosis early on.
Stomach Cancer, also known by other names, such as Gastric Carcinoma and as stated previously, Adenocarcinoma, is a Malignant tumor.It is caused by the rising of the lining of the stomach, and the prognosis is ultimately, Death.

There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of death's that are related to Gastric Cancer in the United States.It is estimated that in 2012 there will be a total of 21,320 cases of Gastric Cancer and a whooping 15,070 deaths due to this vicious disease! Yanira pronounced "Juanita" began complaining of complications back in 2006, this is a fast reacting yet deadly disease. Some of the symptoms will include: abdominal pain, or a feeling of being full after only eating small portion's of food, dark or black stool, difficulty swallowing that will increase over time and excessive belching.
 Diagnosis is often delayed due to symptoms not being able to manifest themselves in the early stages. The only treatment is to remove the total contents of the stomach and in some cases radiation and chemotherapy after surgery may increase the chances of a cure.

"I wish that I would have search engined this disease when she first began to complain, maybe I could have saved her life if I had only known," stated Marcus, Noah was only a liitle over a year when his mother passed on, which left him withdrawn and the feeling of being abandoned, however with the love of his grandmother and loving father, he has managed to pull through and has learned to trust again. Marcus want's to make sure his message hit's home for the people, especially pregnant women, know your body, child bearing is no easy task and that there are risk that a woman is taking in doing so and there are disease's out there that will prey on our loved ones. At the end of the day you know your body better then any Practicing Physcian. A physcian can not tell you how you are feeling health wise only you know that. Take all the necessary precautions to protect your health .. If you dont, Who will?
                                                   For more information visit http://www.scrnet.org/


Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Justin Bieber, Gearing to take off for the Moon?

Is Justin Bieber gearing up to take off for the Moon? well if you say no, you may just want to read this: Take a good look at the car that Justin was pulled over in for speeding down Freeway 101 in just as early as last week. TMZ has now obtained 911 reports stating that when Justin phoned 911 he appeared to be incredulous and a description of the car was given, "Aluminum car, Chrome Audi, Stainless Steel, Ferrari and get this... a Spaceship!!"
Maybe I shouldn't touch this topic, however since we're already here, why not.. Is anyone concerned regarding all the talk of the world coming to it's demise as soon as Christmas this year? What about the talk of our very own Government being the cause of this rapid destruction that is suppose to transpire?
How about our so-called-officials trying to take equal rights's away from women as we know it!
I don't know about you, but I personally feel that there is some truth in all the talk that's floating about. I mean the proof is in the pudding! look at the world around you through clear vision. Take your rose-filled-glasses off and you will begin to see things clearly.
Why is it that all these big cities in all of the big states that have gone bankrupt, let's even take it one step further. What do you think of being called "The Year Of The Zombie?" we all heard of the man who was caught on the side of the road eating another man's face and when asked to stop by the officer at the scene he then turned to look at the officer and growled at him , then proceeded to continue to devour the man's face.
Leaving the officer no other choice but to open fire and kill the Wacko! was he crazy? or was there something sinister that was in play?
reportedly there was talk that Bath Salt's may have been the reasoning behind his horrific act, however, it was later ruled that there were no hard drugs in his system that would have caused any human to mutalize another human in such a manner!
If this Is the "New World" that we as American human beings have to look forward to, then Justin.. Beam me up with you.


Joe Paterno Shame On You!!

Looks as though someone over at TMZ  should have been digging up the "Dirt" that has been piling up in their own back yard being that the late Paterno has been implicated in the Sandusky molestation Scandal

Excuse me, if you will, but I'm going to have to change my format of writing on this article because I Feel that this matter is in need of some immediate reprimanding! First thing's first .. It has been reported by Deadspin.com that there were two janitors that witnessed Paterno perform lewd acts with a young boy, back in 2000.Both janitors claim that they were afraid that if they reported what they had witnessed, they would have been terminated from their janitorial duties because of the power and influence Paterno held?? Wtf!! are you kidding me!? you idiot's, this is what I have to say in regards to that lame ass excuse: would you have turned the other cheek had it had been your son, nephew,or brother?! would you have cared so little then? Shame on the both of you janitor "A" and "B!" just like a coward, always hiding behind steel doors, and anonymous names.

Kenneth Frazier Board Member at Penn State stated to ABC News that former President, Graham Spainer story was a little foggy from the begininng , former head Football Coach Joe Paterno, former Athletic Director, Tim Curley as well as former Vice President for Finance, Cary Schultz were all issued indictment's for , handling the Sandusky scandal inappropriately..
In total there were 45 counts of sexual molestation on 10 young boy's.
Because of the nature of this Sick and very Unfortunate scandal "Nike" has cut the ribbon and removed Paterno name from the "Childcare building" on the corporation's building.

All this is very sad, just what kind of world have we embarked on? If you ask me Paterno took the easy way out, he should be here to face his punishment right along with Sandusky, death just isn't good enough.. but hey, let's all be thankful that he is getting ripped a new asshole in death!! (no pun intended)

http://abcnews.go.com/US/joe-paterno-concealed-sandusky-abuse-avoid-bad-publicity/story?id=16760493-ABC News-keshia-wells-deadspin.com

Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Can you define that term? I think that I have in my own word's: success is absolutely not defined by the cloths that one wears, the car they drive nor the house that they may live in.. it is more of the realization and coming to terms with growing up and knowing your inner self..
Success is knowing when to accept that sometimes in life you may fail..but success real success has begun the moment you get up and dust your self off to fight for what you believe in.
Success is knowing that you have done everything in your power to obtain whatever goal it was that you have set fourth for yourself.
Success is knowing that it is not everyone else you must show and prove to, but rather Self.. show yourself that you can excel at all odds, be your own best friend and never absolutely never compromise who you are for any type of gain you'll only end up failing you!
Always be thankful for the things that you do have, because surely there are other's who have less,
Know when to take constructive criticism and know that it is only being told to you because the one who is doing the advising is trying to strengthen your character.. then and only then will you begin to know what the true meaning of being successful is!

                How did Katie Holmes And Nicole Kidman put Tom on Cruise control?

In the news today, we learn that Katie and Nicole have been carrying on a budding friendship since 2006.
Holmes reportedly had been plotting on creeping out on Tom for some time now, and kept Nicole in on the plan the whole way,  a close source to Holmes and Kidman reported to US Weekly.
Nicole has been sympathetic towards Katie throughout the whole ordeal, stating to Katie that she in fact had once been in her same shoes and to hang in there.

What's so alarming about this whole situation is that: this is Tom's third marriage and none of these marriages seem to last. It makes me wonder.. What's going on in your home behind close doors Tom where Katie is in fear for Suri? I mean seriously, Katie had to use a disposable phone provided by a friend to plot her get away call as to keep Tom and his team from being tipped off, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Is Scientology the reason why all the women in Tom's life keep taking off with Rocket shuttle's from their ass!? I don't know, I'm just reporting the fact's, please don't shoot the messenger. It will be interesting to see just what may be leaked next! In Katie's case, I guess my mother was right, " all that glitters, just may not be gold."


The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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