Friday, April 21, 2017

Aaron Hernandez: Death or Suicide??

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Why does some people reach those level's, then loose that same interest? I don't know why.. but let me tell you, it's getting a little bit hot around the industry world. With the sudden death of Aaron Hernandez, Ex- NFL star. Whether it was suicide or murder, It is still a death inside the walls of a prison facility.. Are we now expected to accept all of the beating and killings of the people that are suppose to " Protect and Serve?"

Well, it look's like his fiancee ( Shayanna Jenkins) and mother of his four-year-old daughter, won't this slip by her.. she is suing the jail system for prison suicide evidence, with Aaron's attorney, Jose Baez, stating that this was no accident but murder, and he has sworn to this investigation to get to the truth..
Let's just hope and pray that justice comes to this family and friends.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017 Comes With Heartache And Pain For Kim Kardashian..

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Wow, 2017 we are seeing a lot of devastating blows inside our stars romance. With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, on a possible split, before their three-year-anniversary! For reportedly alleged problems, states " In Touch"  magazine, and not to mention the sh*t that's the building up in the "Palace" With William, humiliating Kate by flirting with Sophie Taylor, a Model-Hostess.
Prince William, is big, big trouble for his hot flirting with other women during a boys only weekend away.
So what is it for these reality stars? What they do? Or are you like me? Waiting to see what will come from this? Let's just hope the best for these reality stars so they can get it together, and quick too before the Media has their way with all this flame and burn it up!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The New Edition Story ( My Version )

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Who saw the New Edition Story on BET? Who knew that they were in a bad luck deal.. Watching that made me understand why Bobby Brown was so out of control.
When I was younger, I would rush to the house, just so I could listen to the group. With no understanding what these men were going through.

A lot of our younger generation are ready to give it all up for hopes of riches and fame... Let me ask you, is it all worth it? If your asking me.. I'm not the one to ask.. I spent many of day's trying to get to the top.. Ask me what I got.. A Massive Stroke.
I would say that I wouldn't change a thing.. It's something about it, I mean it's a craving, a crazy desire, it's something I really want. Not because of the money, or fame.. Because it as a dream.

But as for the younger generation, what is it for those guy's Is it the same thing as it was for us? Or has it changed for them?
Is all about making music? Or, has it  become all about the business? I guess we'll never know huh?
One thing I will say, if a person has a dream and has made it a reality, I'd say congratulations for making your dreams come true.

As for me, I'm going to continue on with my passion.. To make it regardless of what  happens in my life, not a stroke or anything else.
No matter what the people say about the industry, I've learned to do it for the love of passion.

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Stroke, And The Physical Effect's It Takes On The Human Body..

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

Hello my faithful readers, I've been MIA for a few months.. and your probably wondering why, well let me explain.  As of September, 2 of 2016, I went through a life change, I experienced a stroke, and boy, it's been hard. I was walking and talking to my 23-year- old daughter, and three weeks later, there I was laying in the hospital. No knowledge of how I got there.. or how long I had been there. I was confused in, a state of depression, because keep in mind that I had not been aware of what was going on with me..
I thought to myself, when the nurse came into my room, I was going to ask her to use the restroom. The curtain slide open and out came the craziest question, I tried to ask to use the restroom, and there it was.. blah, ba, blah.. No words had came out, I started to move around, and my right side was limb. What the hell was going on with my body, I had to get the answers.. I mean, I needed to know.

The nurse must've read my mind, because it was then, that she explained to me that I had a stroke. She then had showed me the catheter bag and begin to instruct me that I had a long way to go. I was shocked, being that my own mother had a massive stroke, and died over 14 years ago. I knew at the time, I wouldn't allow this to determine my life! I had not come this far to give up, my kids needed me, I needed me. Three weeks in a coma, and three days I had been awake, no one and NOTHING was ever going to break me down!

The fourth day, I began to try and use the restroom. So I instructed the nurse to take off the catheter, with a bit of hesitance.. at first, her reaction was no.. but she could see I was determined to get out of bed and out of the hospital.. So she was on board with me taking a try, ( Of course, it didn't work for the first, second, third, or the fourth time) but when I went to use it for the fifth time, I had my conquered my fear, I had went to the restroom without using a wheelchair. Of course not knowing the after effects of a stroke, I was transferred out to a rehab.

And boy, that was a trip.. After three days of that shit.. I was through with rehab! Again, there I was telling the nurses at the rehab that I was ready to go, believing that I could get better on my own. So there I was.. going home.. little did I know.. that I would be in rehab either way.. in a outpatient or inpatient.. ohh boy..
The doctors sent the nurses to me, the nurses were not doing what I thought should be done, so two months later, I started an outpatient rehab at NCEP.

I guess, I fully understood that I could not do this alone, to get better I needed help to get stronger as well as getting the knowledge of a stroke,
So here I am.. writing my first blog in three months, with one hand, although now... I could move my right hand, but I can not use it quite yet, Is it going to be difficult? Why of course it is.. but, nothing comes easy.. right?

Here are some of the symptoms of a person who is having a stroke:
1. Trouble speaking and understanding.
2. Paralysis of the face, arm, and legs.
3. Trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
4. Headache.
5. Trouble with walking.
Seek immediate attention if you or someone you know has any of these symptoms. I was fortunate, my daughter was there and called the E.R. and was told to call the ambulance, had she waited.. I wouldn't be here to let you know how important it is.

This photo of me was taken 10 weeks after my stroke.. Someone was looking out for me, I came out with only having to work on my right arm, right hand, and for right now.. I can only smile on one side of my face, and speech therapy is needed.. But, at least I'm not dead.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When The Hoe In Him/Her Won't Allow Them To Keep Their Di*k Or Pu**y In Their Pant's.. Don't Get Mad.. Get Even!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.
We all know the type, " The one who want's their cake and eat it too" the person that has to be involved with more then one individual to be satisfied.. The person who has someone at home and goes out every goddamn weekend, looking for something or should I say someone else to fill their plate up.. (if you know what I mean.)
Are you that person who's sitting at home all alone, crying into your pillow, asking yourself why it is your partner feel's the need to hang out with their "so called friends" or why it is they leave their cell phone on airplane mode or vibrate whenever their just lounging around the house.. Well.. I can sum his/her ass up in one word for you
"Cheater!!" and it's very ovi , that whatever they have going on within their phone.. Is something that he/she absolutely does not want you to see or know about.
So what do you do? Do you continue to play the victim? Continue to cry your eyes out? Or just simply bust him/her over the head with a frying pan, or throw a hot pot of boiling water om his/her ass!! Either way,

whatever option you choose, always remember to play it cool, never let him/her see you sweat!!
Approach the situation as if it doesn't bother you.. At all!! Both men and women alike seem to feel that you love them dearly if you begin to rant and rave or even show the slightest bit of emotion. What I've learned in dealing with relationships, especially being that crazy, deranged chic I know for sure that I can be.
Is simply.. Go on living your life..
Keep what you know to yourself, (That is.. Until the right moment present's itself) allow him/her to hang themselves with his/her own rope! Asking a cheating man/woman "are they having an affair" would be insane.. The only response that one can even remotely expect is a very swift "no" and of course you'll know it's a lie, because if you've done your research, going through the phone's, following him/her once they have gotten off of work, you know... all the usual detective work, and please don't allow anyone to call your antic's crazy, because they are not.. "If it look's like a duck and quack's like a duck, then guess what?? It's a muthafu**ing duck "quack..quack!!"

You may be wondering just what it is that you should be doing from that moment you find out that his/her lying, no good behind, has been dipping his/her shit in some one else's sauce, Well, my advice to you would be not to go packing your suit case, nope. Not just yet, especially if there are year's invested in the relationship, And playing "tic for tat  isn't always the way to go either" that only adds fuel to an already burning house!!
Oh honey.. There are so many other way's to skin this cheating dog!! Hit him/her where it counts and where it hurts the most! That's where knowing your partner comes in hand.. If he/she is a person that is motivated by food, then you simply starve his/her hungry ass! If he/she is a person that's motivated by money, then dig deep off into his/her  pocket's, his/her bank account, bust the windows out of his/her truck or car, run his/her motorcycle off a cliff.. You know.. All the crazy shit that comes with being hurt by someone you have given your heart to! And don't play second fiddle, meaning "don't be a fool, if you know that you have been cheated on, then why on earth would you in turn.. Turn around and lay down with this dog and catch fleas? There's no telling where you'll begin to itch!!"

In closing, play it cool,  if this person values their relationship with you, then your next move will be your best move, however if this person is only out for self and has only their needs in mind, then this man or woman will get as far away from you as they possibly can with rockets from their ass!! And if that is this case.. "good ridden's" that person wasn't the one for you to begin with!!
Remember a man/woman that respect's and values you and your relationship, is a woman/man that truly loves you.. Real love, doesn't hurt and you shouldn't have to beg for anyone to be loyal, for anyone's honesty for anyone's commitment, for anyone's respect, gratitude any of that, it comes automatic, and if you are getting anything less then that, then YOU are selling YOURSELF short!!
know your worth, realize that a muthaphucka need's to be runnin' you the toilet paper because YOU ARE THE SHIT baby!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Black Lives Matter, Because "WE" Are Now Ready To Repair The Damage That We Have Caused, And Unite, It's Been A Long Time Coming!!"

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

"Calling ALL GANG'S, races and all grown men," is what the "Games" Instagram read earlier on today.
Law Enforcement may not think that "Black Lives Matter" However the message is coming across loud, and clear, that in fact they do matter, and no one is hearing that message more clearer these days then the  African American community itself, uniting to stop the violence that has been going on for decades, that "we" as a whole have brought upon one another.. "How can we begin to become outraged about one of our king's or queen's dying by the hands of some one else, when we in fact, we have been killing each other, without remorse, and without fear, and sometimes, without reason for generations and generations.

Maybe this is why Snoop Dogg came together with the Game, and lead the city of Los Angeles, in a "March for Change" 
Currently the rap moguls, wants all gang's, races, and all men to unite for a conversation that couldn't come at a better time, with all that has been going on in our world today, with the police brutality, and the death that has fallen upon our brother's and sister's.. It is time that we DO better as a race, we can't wait for another black life to be lost, for another mother to loose her child, for one more child to witness the cold blooded killing of a black man.. 

Join The Game,Snoop and Minister Louis Farrakhan to help bring a change into our community, a change in how we have programmed our children to think.. Our lives MUST matter to our own selves before anyone else can even begin to think that our lives do in fact matter.

If your in Los Angeles or any of it's surrounding areas, then this is a meeting that you must attend, We've been outraged, we've gotten angry, and we've also cried and mourned the black lives that did matter over and over again.. It's time to dry our eye's and stop mourning and become who they are truly afraid of.. "The King's and Queen's, that we Really are!!" 

Bring your thoughts concern, and knowledge on Sunday, July, 17th at 11;00 am to Vermont Street, for " Time to unite: United Hoods plus Gang Nation"

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Peace and Love In America, Not Hate and Destruction!!

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

In a world where we as all people should be protected in this so called "land of the free" people are not feeling the love.. Especially African Americans, the rage between the police against blacks have gotten totally out of control and it seems as if we are at a point of no return. Women are now afraid for our sons to leave the house, in fear of them never returning home due to police brutality.
I guess I'd be lying if I said that this was a race thing.. Only because, I for one, don't think we have a race thing going on. Personally I believe that there is something far more sinister at hand, and maybe as a whole, we all need to take a deeper look at what's really going on globally.
If we as the people took a stance against violence.. all violence, maybe just maybe we would be better equipped to handle the challenges that we are ALL now facing..
Thing's will certainly get worst before they get better.
What I would hate to see happen, is our world fall into this frenzy about race, when in all reality, it isn't about that at all!!

What we are witnessing now, we have been actually warned about, and no, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to know, something just is not right.. Are we being fooled to believe certain thing's by the media? have the recent attacks and violence throughout America been orchestrated? And if so, why? What is all the madness leading up to?
Are we being forced to cause an uproar throughout our communities, cities, and states, that could ultimately lead us into Marshall law? I for one don't have the definite answers to any of those questions, however what I do know, is if, we as the American people lose our cool in all of this, we can almost, without a doubt know, that our actions will force our government to react in ways that we are not ready for!!

We must begin to think without bias, without racism, without prejudice.. Is the public outraged? Yes we are. Have we grown weary of the injustice? Yes, we have. However, the solution is not for us to retaliate with violence. For thing's to change, it has to happen with US! first.. Blacks, whites, latinos, asians, hatians, indians.. all of the people, not just one one race, because one race isn't being attacked, we all are..

You see, once you begin to think ouside of the box and begin thinking with a clear leveled head, you'll begin to see where the source of our issues are coming from, you'll begin to understand the dynamics of it all!! We have heard our leaders speak of peace within our communities, peace between the African American people and law enforcement. I'm not by any means saying that the black community isn't being hunted down like wolves, shot and killed, because we are! In fact, it appears that we are living in "modern day slavery" but what you must look at is this: IT ISN'T JUST THE WHITE RACE that is killing the black community, it is OURSELVES, IT IS THE MEDIA, IT IS THE GANGS, and if you didn't already know, our law enforcement is a gang as well, "the gang in blue" and currently, they seem to be doing the majority of the killing as of late..

Here's my thing: we can not expect anyone else to think that our lives matter, when in fact "WE" don't think that we matter, anytime we can kill one another over a rap song, over a measly pair of shoes, over a chain that we may have wrapped around our neck, over a man/woman, over whom has the most money, the better car, and so on.. I have to speak frankly, we have given these people a reason not to respect nor honor our lives, so if we have to get mad.. we must begin to look in the mirror first. It's comical really, one will get upset about another race taking a black man's life, but a black man in the "hood" can meet that same kind of demise by his own kind and it doesn't even turn a head.. How ironic is that?

Maybe we should be thinking about how we can All love and respect one another, because their may come a time in this phucked up ass world, when we will need one another! Don't allow bullshit and propaganda to be what leads us all into a world full of hate and destruction, let's work on our issues together, too many great leader's whom have fought and struggled for our freedom has died.. Do not allow their death's be in vain..
Don't allow others sell to you that one race hates another, am I saying that racism is dead and gone? Of course not, however, what I am saying is don't go out killing and doing the same thing that these other people who live in the world of ignorance are doing!! Be smarter, think smarter.. All people don't carry hate in their hearts. All of mankind doesn't want what some people may want.. There are millions of people dying for peace on earth and they all are not black..

You have to treat people for who they are, it is my belief that it is not a race as a whole, but rather an individual thing.. And just because one person isn't fair or doesn't play nice.. Doe's not mean, we all can't get along together on the playground! Be kind, be peaceful, show that there are people in this society that love hard, that do not envy, that doesn't hate..
I'm asking that we stop the violence and start the peace! Be safe out here in this crazy world my friend's, I'm praying for us all!!

Aaron Hernandez: Death or Suicide??

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter. Why ...