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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Kardashian's Keep It All In The Family, By Sleeping With Kourtney's Man, Scott Disick!! Just Out Right Nasty!!

It's not enough that Kim's claim to fame has to do with alot of her spreading her leg's and a whole lot less to do with her talent, by the way, the people are still wondering just what that talent may be.. Some may say that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree when it comes to sleeping around on top...(Oops) I meant, sleeping her way to the top.. Now to add to that embarrassment.. According to "In Touch Magazine," Not only has Khloe slept with Kourt's boyfriend ( The classiest of the Kardashian Klan) of nine years, Scott Disick, But so has Kylie!!! Say what? come again??! isn't she all of 17 years-of-age? and if this is in fact true.. Why are we simply just shaking our head's at this shameful act and not prosecuting Scott? Because after all Kylie is still in fact a minor.. Nevertheless.. Kourtney is outraged , as she should be!!

Allegedly Kourtney stayed up to the sun light almost rose one night waiting to confront the father of her three small children, according to a second insider. And once he walked through those door's.. Kk.. Ripped him a new ass "I can't believe you slept with my sisters!' she yelled, scaring the holy shid out of him" reportedly, there had been a lot of tears.. At some point Scott had to have known his gig was up and had been caught red handed. Now.."Dis.ick" (Pun Intended!) Not only are you a horrible father, but your an even worse Boyfriend.. It wasn't bad enough that you slept with a baby, barely touching womanhood, but you slept with not one but two of Kourtney's sister's!!

With this bit of knowledge floating around in Kourt's head, how will she ever be able to have that close relationship that she and Khloe once shared again? How will she ever be able to look at Kylie as her sweet, innocent, younger sister again, the way she once use to? She won't !! Maybe in time Kourtney will learn how to forgive all parties involved... in time.. But Wellsink, will almost assure you that that will be a long time coming!! A man will come and go.. But sister's.. Sister's are supposed to know better and know that off top there is a line..NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ABSOLUTELY do not cross!!

Wellsink, heart goes out to Kourtney.. Our favorite Kardashian!! Keep your head held high, Keep that pretty smile on your face.. and know this!! You are beautiful and Scott Disick, well he'll be replaced!! As for your sister's, that's a touchy personal matter that only you can deal with and come to your own understanding of how you must deal with those two.. But as for you.. Do whatever you need to do to stay strong for your little ones! Keep being the best mother that you already are!! We love you Kourtney Kardashian.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Khloe Kardashian,Feels One Thousand Times Lighter!! And Have The Photo's To Back Up Her New Look!!

Khloe took to instagram showing the world her new body as well as her new look!! We all know that this spectacular Kardashian has been the butt of alot of jokes (No Pun Intended) in past year's due to her huge ass and weight!! But This Kardashian is daring just about everyone to laugh at her now as she flaunts off a new her!!
It's no surprise that Khole has been through a helluva whole lot in past year's.. the split between here and Lamar, then the "are we or aren't we? Relationship" she had brewing with French Montana.. It's no wonder why food became this woman's best friend!!
But gobbling food down her throat may just be a thing in the past for Khloe now, because by the looks of things.. She has definitely kicked jumped her shape into a new gear!! Good for you Khloe!! Keep up the good work.. and whatever you do, make food your worst enemy, because the world has seen just what type of a friend.. Food will be to you!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beyonce and Jay Z.. Expecting their Second Child!!? Fact Or Fiction?!!

Beyonce, Pregnant with second child!! and guess what? Jay and Bey are expecting a bouncing baby boy!! Yes, people.. What was thought to be a rumor, has now been confirmed  to "In Touch Magazine!"  "They are both elated," said the insider. The A-listers are currently parents to three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. And Jay is said to be flying over the moon that their will in fact be another male in the family.. What man wouldn't be happy to know that his name will continue to be lived on by a masculine man?? When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage — Jay is 150 percent invested now."
So exciting!
Wellsink, is elated to know that Jay is now invested in the marriage due to the upcoming birth of his new bundle of joy, however would like to question the way "In Touch Magazine" stated "Now he is 150% invested in his marriage now that Bey is pregnant with a boy" As if he wasn't whole heartily invested before!!
The media continues to speculate on this couple and their marriage.. As if entertainers don't have enough to worry about, then some publication planting seeds in their readers heads.. Wellsink has this to say to "In Touch" if your going to write about the couple and their new bundle of joy.. Make sure you keep your seeds in the garden where they should be and not in the minds of your readers!!
Congratulations to the Carter family! May you continue to grow, live, and love one another!! Keep doing what you've been doing YOU!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Has America Seen The Last Of American Idol?!! And Zimmerman Injured In Possible Road Rage, That Ended In Gunfire?!!!?

Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, seems to think so .. stating that "it was time" American Idol will run one more season before the Network puts this show to bed and buries it for good.. With Stars such as "Fantasia and "Ruben Studdard" making their rise after winning the show, it will be sad to see it go.
Lythgoe, who has been  Executive Producer while the show has been running, clearly stated that " leaving now, will enhance the shows legacy" Really? We'll see just how true that statement is soon enough..

In other News, it appears that George Zimmerman, has had another fall out, and his punk azz was not injured in the shooting, that appears to have been road rage on the trigger happy, guy's part! Zimmerman's lawyer has stated to TMZ, that the two men, just may not be strangers. On Monday night in Lake Mary, Fl where Zimmerman lives, authorities were called to respond to a road rage incident.
Zimmerman told his lawyer that the trigger man looked like someone he once had a run in with.. Of course George was not stuck by any bullet's..(Damn, wishful thinking) However, his truck was left with a bullet hole in the front passenger side window.. Who gives a shit!! wish the bullet would have struck his ass, it would have served him right.. You know George? Karma does this funny thing, It comes back around, and one day.. Karma's gonna get that ass!! Just you wait and see.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

J-DUB Won't Go Down As Being The Underdog, But Will Show The World How He Intend's To Rise To The Occasion!!

Do you know how it feels to rise to thee occasion, when you've felt all has been lost? Well J-Dub knows exactly how that feels and is living proof, that once a person puts their mind to it ... There's nothing you can not do!
J-DUB, grew up on the street's of Chicago, however is now living out his dream's in Mccomb, Mississippi, where he takes the stage this Saturday, May 9, at the "Mccomb State Theater" along side Will Gatlin. Portia, Orlando "GoJonesJr," and Hosted by Funny Man Meek, with a live recording for BET..
J-DUB has been a performer all of 27 years, with his first performance being at the age of eight years-of-age, where he took front and center stage at his family reunion held in Arkansas, he recalled.With Micheal Jackson being his greatest influence as well as inspiration , this young man would surely blossom into a vibrant song bird.

This up and coming artist considers himself to be Bi-Genre, Meaning: he leaves the door open for genres such as Pop, Gospel, Hip~Hop, as well as R&B! with J-Dub's latest performance back in Dec,2014. For the
'Service Benefit For MCcomb, Mississippi" where he was in company of  NFL's Former Running Back, Deuce Mcallister.
Currently you can find J-Dub in the studio working on his new album "Train Perfection" but don't quote "Wellsink" on that title because as of late.. Nothing has been set in stone, However, it won't be long before we hear those actual lyrics and the engraved title, because he is in fact, half way through the album.

As J-Dub and Wellsink dove deeper into the conversation pool of his career as well as his career path, he paused for a moment, and all you heard was silence for a brief moment, and the next words Dub let fall from his lips were "Micheal Jackson had written Train Perfection, on every mirror of each home he lived in? That's engraved on my heart as well,"
That was a time for Wellsink to reflect on all he had spoken on thus far, It was heartfelt, and at that moment you could feel the desire and passion he had for his craft.

Currently, J-Dub , has collaborations with "Will Gatlin, and Portia, and in the not so distant past , has also collaborated with such names as "Cat Cole,The Mississippi Blues Child" and up and coming Singer/Guitarist.. and is now looking forward to doing a collaboration with B-Hype The Verbal, with Twista's Label "GMG" Get Money Gang for those of you that don't know. Dub has stated that he is not in fact signed to any major labels, however he did go on to say that before it's all said and done with.. He looks to be the newest member of " Will Gatlin's Label, WGMG.
When asked by Wellsink, just how hard or easy for him to break through those industry door's.. he had alot to say " It's been hard to get to this point in my career, it was a long-road, with technology revolutionizing everything, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Reverbnation.. and with a record label, I trusted, moving to Long Beach, California, assuming that I would be able to make that transition with them." That didn't happen. What did happen, was, Dub had gotten his first real taste of just how cruel the player's of this Industry can be.

Three year's had gone by and it was now 2010, that was when a bolt of lighting a jolt if you will had awakend him and he was now, ready to show the world just what he was made of with his album "Birth"
He wanted that label to know that, "Birth" would be better then anything he had ever done with that company and would rise above any occasion, because after all.. He had now, a renewed faith in himself!
The advice Dub is dishing out today to Artist trying to break through those steel, bolted, industry door's is to believe in the person that looks back at you in the mirror on a daily basis "Sure.. you can have 100's of people that believe in you, and you will have ups as well as downs, but it all boils down to you.. the Artist.. Believe in yourself, and know that every artist and entertainer you hear on the radio or see on television.. are just as real as you! If you can believe it you will achieve it!"

J-Dub, concluded this interview with Wellsink by giving great recognition to those he feels have made a huge impact on his life, B-Hype The Verbal, with GMG Label, WGMG, Shaconda Walker, "Kojack," Will Gatlin, as well as "WAiL LIFE ENT"
With so much that this young, Talented man has gone through within the last few years, beginning with the UN-timely death of the mother of his children- To the "Unnamed" label leaving Dub out in the cold!!
J-Dub is sure to be a Southern Delight, as well as a shinning star nation wide!! Keep your eye's peeled open and your ear's turnt all the way up, because Ready..Set.. Go... J-Dub is coming..

For booking information please visit
J-Dub on

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chris Brown, Not So Happy About Finding, A Nude Unknown Woman In His Bed, After Returning Home From Vegas!!

Females often go above and beyond for a mere glimpse or a simple touch by one of their beloved celebrities, Chris Brown, may be no different, after being in Vegas for a short period of time.. He returned to his Agoura Hills,home located in California, to find a woman in his bed, Now any other man would have been elated and maybe even erect to find a beautiful, naked woman waiting for him to return home.. Not Chris, as a matter of fact, he had no clue who the woman was that had been Just posted up in his crib when he returned form Las Vegas.

The woman even went as far as to writing "I love you" in sray paint all over his kitchen counter, and even took it a little further by vandalizing his Range Roover, by spray painting Mrs. Brown over it.
You know CB instantly called the cops and the crazy itch!! Was swiftly taken into coustody. Authorities believe that the un-named woman was in her very early twenties.

Man talk about a fatal attraction, this woman had to have been casing the joint prior to her making the bold attempt to break then enter his home, Fortunate enough for her Brown kept a level head and didn't jump feet first all over that ass, she could of in fact had every intent on hurting this man and ending his life, and in which case he would have had every right to stomp a mud puddle through this chic..

Kudos to you Chris, for maintaining your composure, and not going Solange Knowles on that ass!!

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