Monday, June 22, 2015

Diddy, Arrested And Detained!!

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Sean "Diddy" Combs, arrested, after a charge of "Assault With A Deadly Weapon" mid Monday, afternoon. Allegedly Combs, the Rap Mogul, went after UCLA Football coach, with a kettlebell.. campus police has in fact confirmed these allegations.
Diddy was detained on campus, sometime after 12:30p.m. after the incident occurred.
Combs had been on campus, in support of his son Justin who plays football for the "Bruins"
"I'm thankful that our staff showed nothing but professionalism throughout this whole ordeal," said Head Coach Jim Mora.
Mora, went on to say that "This is an unfortunate incident for all parties involved, while UCPD, continues to review
 this matter, we will continue to let the legal process run it's course, and refraim from further comment at this time.., ' stated Jim Mora
All Wellsink would like to know is.. What did coach do to make you go after him with a kettlebell?? Lucky for him, you missed your mark.. Coach better watch his back, because the next time he may be laying in a pool of blood with a huge knot and headache calling his name.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wellsink Raw2Raw Radio (WIR2R Radio) where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.

It's Father's Day, and we here at Wellsink, can almost assure you that it's been alot of women screaming to the top of their lung's.. Phuck a Father's day right?? Well before we go throwing all of our good men under the bus, let's take a moment to appreciate the men in this world that are doing a stand up job at taking care of their home and families, I'm quite sure that not all men are bad apples, not playing their part, or just deadbeat's! I think when we dive into the topic of fatherhood, so many thing's come in to the mind's of many women.. Like "Why does he deserve, a happy Father's Day?" What has he done for his child or the one I really like is.."Why should he be praised for doing something women have been left to do on their own for centuries"
Yes, it is true that more often then not, you'll find the father of your child living and eating off of you and maybe, just maybe you have granted him the wish of driving your car while your slaving away at a 9-5.
This type of man is the type of man that will sit at home, cook, clean, you know, The kind that does everything a woman does and more.. I personally hate this type of man.. Ladies, he's only in it for the ride and too lazy to work on himself, instead, he'd rather you work on him, the kids, the car, the job and whatever else it is he may need from you to keep him happy.
Those are the type of father's I wouldn't breath my hot breath on, to even waste my energy in saying happy Father's Day to.
Here is where we as women go wrong.. Let's be mad at who we are in fact mad at! If the father of your child is doing all he can for his and yours.. Well then I'm sorry to say ladies, if your not treating him like the KING he in fact is, then maybe the problem is with you!
As I stated earlier, their are in fact plenty of excellent father's that have taken an active part in their child's life or at least trying to, that is when the mother isn't on some type of tyrant on why he can't see his child!! One thing that's for certain is.. Today, this Sunday is Father's Day and We here at Wellsink, salutes, every, single, last, one of you!!
Throughout all the B.S. and bad reps men get, we commend you!! It's not easy being a parent period, so for those of you in the fight to love, cherish, and raise your children.. Keep doing what's best for your child/children not what the mother of your child thinks is best.. Be the Best man you can be!! And never ever try and be anything more or less then that..

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"That's A Wrap, Dinner Is Served" With The "Original Hip Hop Chef Tye!!

Wellsink, sits down with The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye®, to understand just what it is that makes this Chef tick-
Chef Tye®, was raised in New York by his grandmother.. And with her, is where he in fact developed his passion for cooking.. That had been her way of keeping him out of the street's, as an upcoming troubled youth, Tye found himself in a little bit of trouble as teens often do, by running with the wrong crowd, so to keep him from getting into further trouble, his grandmother kept his mind occupied with cooking responsabilities.
That had been all of the motivation Chef Tye had needed.. Once his grandmother passed away, he continued the drive she had instilled in him, knowing that all he needed was a little polishing, however The "Original" Hip Hop Chef, didn't just want to cook and become some ordinary chef sweating and breaking his finger's to the bone's in just any one's kitchen,
No, that wouldn't be the life for Chef Tye,- He would be a boss in the world of culinary arts! And he would show the people that a chef was so much more then what that had been perceived to be in earlier decades- Where Chefs had been frowned upon, or looked at as the "help" coming out of the kitchen, holding a platter of food saying " yesar masta!!" He wanted people to know, that if done right... A chef could and he actually would conquer and master the world of cooking!

Today, you can find The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye®, sitting on top of the world, calling all the shots in the Hip Hop community, cooking up dishes for names such as the B.E.T Hip Hop Awards, T.I., Notorious Big,  Tupac, African Bambaataa ZULU Nation, or Kevin Liles, Young Jeezy, and L.L Cooj J being the very first celebrity he had the pleasure of cooking for!!
" I wanted to get the blessing's from the icons, the legend's of Hip Hop, I studied Hip Hop's history, and because of that, I've had the opportunity to work for all of these icons, my credibility is impeccable!"  stated Chef Tye.
No he doesn't rap, however he is an assassin in his own right, cooking up beats and serving to the public, Indie Artist on a gold platted platter as well as mixing up mixtapes with a variety of she's and artists to nodcha head to. "Hip Hop has so many lanes, I tend to stay in mines.. my passion is cooking for the celebrities, and Paul Wall said it best when he said " It's good that we have our own chef to cook what we like to eat , and he's from the hood"

For those who may be thinking that Chef Tye's fortunate luck just fell in his lap.. nothing could be further from the truth, The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye®, recalled a time when he was trying to pitch himself to a particular publication and had the door shut in his face, because he hadn't, had enough major names under his belt, Telling Wellsink, "That's when he knew, he had to go back to the drawing board- It was at that time he would be contacted by Reggie Reg to host as a catering Birthday party for Kevin Liles and that's how he landed the gig for Def Jam.

The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye,® had a message for anyone trying to break through those same culinary door's, "Stay focused, know your craft, and stay humble.. go out and feed the homeless, show your community that you care for the people.. because most importantly, your heart must to be in it.. you have to have a passion and a love to be able to do this job, because this career isn't for everyone," Chef Tye® stated

Wellsink, had a few more questions for Chef Tye, prior to ending the interview and Chef Tye® was eager to answer them as well, One of those question's that Wellsink really wanted to know the answer to was how he felt about the use of his name by other's and he simply had this to say " I'm winning, their promoting my name, promoting something that I never thought would have taken off, has, so I look at those using my name, like wow.. I made it! I've arrived! The name is hot!, however, there can only be one, The "Original Hip Hop Chef Tye®.. I am the CEO, I created that!"

For those people that may not be unaware of this, there are hungry Lawyer's out there ready to eat imposter's up, The Hip Hop Chef Tye®, is in fact a legal name.. it has been trademarked.. Wellsink has this to say to anyone that wants to take this name on to acquire business, or anything else.. If you want the name so bad , buy the name from The "Original Hip Hop Chef Tye,® Ijs, because as he stated.. there can ONLY be one!!

Have you been accredited by Russell Simmons, Bun B, Anthony Anderson or Head Crack of the Rickey Smiley Show?? Have you been in any publications such as XXL, Hip Hop Weekly, or King Magazine?? Well The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye®, has.. so either produce how you are the The Hip Hop Chef, buy the name.. putcha money where ya mouth is or eat that name up and put another one on the burner, because that one..has already been cooked up!!

And if you were not already informed, being a real, down to earth, human being isn't the only thing this Chef has cooking up.. He's also serving up food for your liking as well, serving it up freestyle with Fried and oven fried chicken, money hungry collard green's, eye candy yams, remix rice and pea's, jump off jerk chicken, turn table blackened tilapia, dirty south catfish, as well as street buzz shrimp and grit's.. and for a desert you can sink your teeth into , try his sweet mama potato pie, bread winner pudding with vanilla sauce and some of his, mouth watering, easy pineapple pound cake.. Food's that are sure to ease those hunger pains because surely The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye®, is not into playing those type of "Hunger Games" at all!!

And as if that wasn't enough and you want to learn how to create all these dishes and much, much more Chef Tye, also has a cookbook that is ready to be pre-ordered now, called  "The "Original" Hip Hop Chef, Cookbook.
At the conclusion of this interview, Chef Tye®, took the time out to show recognition as well as shout out to God, his grandmother, his whole entire team, who has been there since the beginning, and supported all of his endeavours, all of the media, the people who have all believed in him and Himself, for staying humble throughout it all.. And "That's a wrap, Dinner is served!"
For more information on The "Original" Hip Hop Chef Tye®, Please visit And remember, If it doesn't have the circle "R"  behind the name .. It isn't who your looking for

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Kardashian's Keep It All In The Family, By Sleeping With Kourtney's Man, Scott Disick!! Just Out Right Nasty!!

It's not enough that Kim's claim to fame has to do with alot of her spreading her leg's and a whole lot less to do with her talent, by the way, the people are still wondering just what that talent may be.. Some may say that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree when it comes to sleeping around on top...(Oops) I meant, sleeping her way to the top.. Now to add to that embarrassment.. According to "In Touch Magazine," Not only has Khloe slept with Kourt's boyfriend ( The classiest of the Kardashian Klan) of nine years, Scott Disick, But so has Kylie!!! Say what? come again??! isn't she all of 17 years-of-age? and if this is in fact true.. Why are we simply just shaking our head's at this shameful act and not prosecuting Scott? Because after all Kylie is still in fact a minor.. Nevertheless.. Kourtney is outraged , as she should be!!

Allegedly Kourtney stayed up to the sun light almost rose one night waiting to confront the father of her three small children, according to a second insider. And once he walked through those door's.. Kk.. Ripped him a new ass "I can't believe you slept with my sisters!' she yelled, scaring the holy shid out of him" reportedly, there had been a lot of tears.. At some point Scott had to have known his gig was up and had been caught red handed. Now.."Dis.ick" (Pun Intended!) Not only are you a horrible father, but your an even worse Boyfriend.. It wasn't bad enough that you slept with a baby, barely touching womanhood, but you slept with not one but two of Kourtney's sister's!!

With this bit of knowledge floating around in Kourt's head, how will she ever be able to have that close relationship that she and Khloe once shared again? How will she ever be able to look at Kylie as her sweet, innocent, younger sister again, the way she once use to? She won't !! Maybe in time Kourtney will learn how to forgive all parties involved... in time.. But Wellsink, will almost assure you that that will be a long time coming!! A man will come and go.. But sister's.. Sister's are supposed to know better and know that off top there is a line..NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ABSOLUTELY do not cross!!

Wellsink, heart goes out to Kourtney.. Our favorite Kardashian!! Keep your head held high, Keep that pretty smile on your face.. and know this!! You are beautiful and Scott Disick, well he'll be replaced!! As for your sister's, that's a touchy personal matter that only you can deal with and come to your own understanding of how you must deal with those two.. But as for you.. Do whatever you need to do to stay strong for your little ones! Keep being the best mother that you already are!! We love you Kourtney Kardashian.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Khloe Kardashian,Feels One Thousand Times Lighter!! And Have The Photo's To Back Up Her New Look!!

Khloe took to instagram showing the world her new body as well as her new look!! We all know that this spectacular Kardashian has been the butt of alot of jokes (No Pun Intended) in past year's due to her huge ass and weight!! But This Kardashian is daring just about everyone to laugh at her now as she flaunts off a new her!!
It's no surprise that Khole has been through a helluva whole lot in past year's.. the split between here and Lamar, then the "are we or aren't we? Relationship" she had brewing with French Montana.. It's no wonder why food became this woman's best friend!!
But gobbling food down her throat may just be a thing in the past for Khloe now, because by the looks of things.. She has definitely kicked jumped her shape into a new gear!! Good for you Khloe!! Keep up the good work.. and whatever you do, make food your worst enemy, because the world has seen just what type of a friend.. Food will be to you!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beyonce and Jay Z.. Expecting their Second Child!!? Fact Or Fiction?!!

Beyonce, Pregnant with second child!! and guess what? Jay and Bey are expecting a bouncing baby boy!! Yes, people.. What was thought to be a rumor, has now been confirmed  to "In Touch Magazine!"  "They are both elated," said the insider. The A-listers are currently parents to three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. And Jay is said to be flying over the moon that their will in fact be another male in the family.. What man wouldn't be happy to know that his name will continue to be lived on by a masculine man?? When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage — Jay is 150 percent invested now."
So exciting!
Wellsink, is elated to know that Jay is now invested in the marriage due to the upcoming birth of his new bundle of joy, however would like to question the way "In Touch Magazine" stated "Now he is 150% invested in his marriage now that Bey is pregnant with a boy" As if he wasn't whole heartily invested before!!
The media continues to speculate on this couple and their marriage.. As if entertainers don't have enough to worry about, then some publication planting seeds in their readers heads.. Wellsink has this to say to "In Touch" if your going to write about the couple and their new bundle of joy.. Make sure you keep your seeds in the garden where they should be and not in the minds of your readers!!
Congratulations to the Carter family! May you continue to grow, live, and love one another!! Keep doing what you've been doing YOU!!

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