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Friday, November 28, 2014

Bill Cosby In A Not So Funny Situation..

   Former supermodel Janice Dickinson, has also came forward on November. 18, 2014 to add fuel to an already burning flame.
Telling In Touch Magazine" I'm speaking out for all the women that are too scared or embarrassed by what Bill Cosby did to them"
Dickinson, 59, claims that back in 1982 Cosby also drugged and rapped her claiming that " the last thing she remembered was Bill wearning a patchwork robe and dis-robbing himself and climbing on top of her," said Janice
This in fact was kept out of her Memoir due to her ghost writer, Pablo Fenjves, telling Dickinson that the publishers would not allow that bit of info in the book.
Cosby's Reps are stating that Dickinson's story contradicts what's in the Memoir.
Other women such as Carla Ferrigno, Lou Ferrigno's wife, Therese Serignese, (actress) Louisa Mortiz and Angela Leslie (Nurse) have also come forward with similar allegations against Cosby.
His career is done!! An NBC Sitcom development has been cancelled as well as his scheduled show on November. 28 at the Treasure Island Casino, located in Las Vegas, has also been cancelled as well as T.V. Land pulling all reruns of The Cosby Show off air..
Well.. It sure sucks to be Bill Cosby these days.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"When It Comes To Inquiring Minds, The People, Want To Know.. All There Is To Know, About The Carter Family, Will A "Tell All Book?" Give The Public What They Want?

Will the Celebrity biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, reveal the most intimate parts of Jay Z, and Beyonce's, very private lives? InTouch Magazine, seems to think so, claiming that the Carter family, is now in a panic, as employees, friends, and family, begin to talk, for a "Tell all Book" Biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, has also taken a deeper look, insides the lives of the, legendary, Michael Jackson and is working on Madonna as well. Taraborrelli, is gearing up to interviewing anyone that is close to Beyonce, family not included, InTouch, sources have stated. Feeling that, Beyonces father, Matthew, is a ticking tomb, sources have stated, and his termination from being the Manger of his rising daughter, in 2011, may be "Just Cause" for him to speak out, about what he knows. Welp, J. Randy Taraborrelli, I for one think, your playing with fire,�� but if its the heat that keeps you warm at night, Then by all means, go right ahead and get burnt!! Http://

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tupac Shakur, Has He Returned From The Grave? If So, When Will He..Show His Face To The World!!

The legend has risen from the dead, to take his claim back on this world. Is it pure fact!? Or merely fiction, surrounded by smokes and screens? If you are a TRUE Tupac fan, then you should already know, that there were and still are so many inconsistency's surrounding Pac's death. The "no open casket" thing has always left me dazed and confused. One would have to think "Here is a legend, loved by so many, why not have an open casket for the ones who loved him so immensely?" But just as Shakur was loved, he was also hated by many, and wanted by law enforcement. Those who didn't want Tupac to excel in his life would have done almost anything to sabotage his name, for instance, let me take you back to the early "90's" when he was being accused of rape. Rape? Really? This was a man who loved women, spoke up for his women, took care of his women and even wrote of the Black woman, that was caught up in the struggle. Wellsink, had the opportunity to met Tupac Shakur, back in 1992, at a weekend "Summer Jam" and what I felt from this legend, was not a sense of fear, but rather quite the opposite. He was loving, and kind, he spoke with respect, and he absolutely, never came across arrogant or boastful, but humble and meek. The media tried to make him out to be a monster, when in fact.. He was no such thing. Tupac, told the world, just what his plains were for his future, when he changed his name to "MAKAVELI" he spoke Non~Verbally, but no one was listening.. My ears were open then, and my mind is open now. TMZ, back in 2009, also agreed that Shakur was alive!! It has been Wellsink's opinion then, and is still my opinion now, that Shakur was and is still alive and breathing!! And when he DOES re-surface.. He's comin' back with a vengeance and "He won't be playin' no games wit these nigga's!!" Oh wee, I for one will be the first to say " I told you so"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is It True That Bruce Jenner, Really Wants To Be A Woman?! By The Looks Of Things, I'd Say So!!

Reportedly, last year in 2013,Bruce Jenner, was in fact, spotted leaving a clinic, after receiving some type of surgery to his throat. Did he in fact go through with the Tracheal Procedure? I mean why else would this famous athlete be all bandage up by the throat? Maybe the rumors were right, and Jenner does in fact wants to become a "man made woman" reducing the size of his Adams apple, would be the first step to take in doing so. Jenner, now 65-years-old, can be spotted combing the bright sunny streets of California, with his long flowing hair, gobbling down a ripe banana. Bruce, for his 65th, birthday on Tuesday, in Malibu, went out and treated himself to a much needed manicure, with red being his color of choice. Hey there's nothing more a girl rather enjoys, then sitting in a salon shop, getting pampered. And allegedly, Jenner went even further, sources have stated that,he is now asking to be called Bridgette.
Alrighty then Bruce..
Hey Jenner, one quick question for you " are your daughters to call you Bridgette as well?" How confused will these young ladies be..ijs

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Did Former NFL, Minnesota Vikings,Hank Baskett Cheat On Kendra Wilkinson, With Transsexual, Ava Masaniai-Sabrina??!?!

With the tabloids floating around all this business surrounding Hanks, cheating not cheating, it's no wonder how all of this has left Former Playboy Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, in a cloud of smoke and confusion. Hank is seriously being accused of cheating on Kendra, with Transsexual, Ava Masaniai-Sabrina, back in April. Hank, has yet to confirm or deny these allegations, leaving Wilkinson feeling like.. Just who the hell "did I marry" It's completely heart wrenching to see Kendra on such an emotional rollercoaster on her hit series, " Kendra On Top" Hank, has been dodging Wilkinson's question about the allegations, as if he were playing a game of dodge ball. Reportedly, Baskett reached out to transvestite Ava, back in April via her YouTube channel. Ava, claims that there was no sexual intercourse, however Hank did in fact pay her $500 for the intimate moment they shared, claiming that " he had never been with a Transsexual before" The people are curious to know Hank.. If there was no " Hanky Panky" involved, then why on Gods green earth was money exchanged? Kendra, posed a very good question to Baskett on the October. 17th episode of "Kendra On top" clearly wanting to know, if she was the only person who was supposed to believe in his innocence, and the answer was Cleary yes. Listen, Hank.. I could care less if you like being sucked or suckin on long pipe by men who dress up as women, Cleary that's a personal preference and by all means, the choice is yours. The problem begins when you start to partake in homosexual activities and neglect to tell the woman that you are married to, not giving her the option to pull out of the situation or stick it out with you. That's where things get difficult for Kendra, not to mention all the chaos this may cause for your children. Kendra, is looking for answers, and she wants them sooner then later or I can guarantee you.. You'll have alot more day's, where the public will see you balled up in fetal position, ballin' your eyes out.. Get to spitting the truth, or plain and simple.. Get out!! I can almost assure you, that's exactly what's going on in Wilkinson's mind. It's going to be interesting to see how this play's out..

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet Jason Swanston, Owner/Creator Of OVNIO Network, Changing The Way You View Television, One Channel At A Time!

Jason originates from Harlem. New York, other known as"Uptown" This 38-year-old business man is making huge leaps and bounds.
At 17-years-of age, Jason began his internship at Columbia. University.
 it was there he learned various software applications, animations, as well as broadcast technology.. Jason has brought to the world, what Mark Walberg brought to the Facebook. A new way that the world is viewing television. While others may be sitting on great ideas, this energetic gentlemen, is busy turning his dreams into a reality. Picture a world of technology, that is able to stream a live event such as a Pro fighting match on down to a live music concert to 120 million mobile phones and an additional 100 million tablets across the world. What a cool idea right? When you combine social networking, pay per view events, and the ability to buy products directly from from a commercials, with little to no buffering at all, You end up with the OVNIO Network. OVNIO, Subscribers, can literally watch live TV from their mobile, tablet, as well as laptop. And just in case you were wondering just what OVNIO stands for.. Well Jason has summed that up into five big words " Open Vision Network International Online" Programs that can currently be found on OVNIO are feature films, documentaries, short films, reality shows, sitcoms, competitions, news, live events and more. Swanston hopped in this game, strapped with the know how and knowledge to get him just where he needs to be, and when asked what was the pivotal moment when Jason knew he was on the right track, he stated " that moment came for me when. CMO, IBM, advised me that my technology was worth, one trillion dollars," Currently, there are over 100 niche channels, including Hip-Hop as well as Country music channels.. To log in to OVNIO, make sure you are utilizing Google Chrome or Fire Fox, Safari users will be readily available Dec 31st.
At the conclusion of this interview, Jason wanted to thank God and all his ancestors that died for trying to read in the early 1800 and 1900's To learn more on steaming a channel on OVINO Please contact and log onto

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